Frequently asked questions

When hunting abroad or locally there are always a few unanswered questions you might have.

Always ensure that you use a taxidermist with proper references. Please send us an email for a list of our references to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Always plan in advance how you want to mount your trophy. Take measurements at your home that you know how much space you have available for your new trophies. When cutting the cape on the hunting farm, ensure that the outfitter understands your taxidermy requirements, if you are unsure on how you want a specific trophy to be caped, let the outfitter cape it in such a way that you have numerous options to play with. Cutting less of the cape is best advised.
When you have your hunting package organized, send a list to your taxidermy and shipping company to get an estimated quote in advance that you know what you completed spend will be.
All permits will be handed to your outfitter and agent. These permits needs to be handed to the taxidermy and then to the shipping company to complete the packing list with all necessary legal documents stating that all trophies has been hunted legally and is good to be exported.
When trophies have arrived at your home, they have been treated and will be preserved for many years to come. Regular home maintenance on your trophies is necessary for keeping them in the most immaculate condition for as long as possible. Speak to your taxidermist for treatment products best advised.
Anything is possible; we will create any mount for you as long as it is advisable for us to do so. Cost will be additional depending on requirements. Shoulder mounts can either turn to face left or right, or be straight facing at no additional charges. Pedestals can be quoted on in advanced on sizes and depending on wood type required. Ask you taxidermist for a pricelist to see what options you have.
When bases are created using plants and wood stumps, all products are synthetic and created by hand as no live plant material are allowed by law to be exported. Please always provide the taxidermist with a photo of your animal that was hunted that we can replicate the surroundings into the mount. Habitat bases are quoted on separately depending on customer requirements, but does add an wonderful addition to your trophies.
Hair slip normally occurs when trophies has not been treated correctly after the hunt. Therefore it is extremely important that trophies get treated immediately after it has been hunted. Always ensure that there is enough clean rock salt available which is provided by the outfitters. Trophies need to be properly caped and well salted. When the trophies are received by the taxidermist, the taxidermist will also cure and treat the skins further. It is best advised that your trophies get mounted very soon after the hunt to ensure that no bacterial damage like hair slip can continue.
Clients can either use their own shipping agents if preferred, or we can suggest one for you. After completion of trophies and final taxidermy payment trophies will be crated by the shipping company who will be in contact with you to arrange all necessary shipping details.
When trophies are received by the taxidermist it will be treated immediately to cure all bacteria. Processing and mounting will only begin when 75% deposit has been received. Some trophies take longer to dry than others and flat skins are outsourced to a tannery. Once all trophies have been mounted and flat skins received photos will be sent to customers stating that the work has been completed. This process can take up to 6 – 12 months depending on mount types and the drying process.
Please note that taxidermist will only start processing and mounting trophies on 75% deposit received. On receipt of the 75% deposit the client has agreed on the terms and conditions stated on African Memories Taxidermy’s website. The taxidermist will be in contact with you during the mounting process, keeping you updated on your trophies. When the taxidermist has completed all taxidermy work photos of completed mounts will be sent to the client with the final invoice. On full payment received the trophies will be handed over to the shipping company for shipment.
Curios can also be crated along with your shipment if required. Please hand in all bulk curios along with slips that you do not wish to take on the plane with you to your taxidermist to hand over to the shipping company when trophies are being collected to be crated. Ask your taxidermist for ideas on custom curios that can be made.